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One thing I’ve decided it’s impossible to do is hold a conversation and count stitches at the same time.  And the thinner the thread, the harder those stitches are to see.  The harder the stitches are to see, the longer it takes to realize that four rows down you skipped three stitches of the pattern.  And the more tedious the pattern… the more heartbreaking it is to have to rip back four rows and put yourself through the same struggle again of trying to talk, listen, and count stitches at the same time.

I think this project may have been cursed from the start.  As you can see, I somehow managed to buy two slightly different colors of perle cotton.  Yay!

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As a crocheter, I think some of the greatest, most beautiful, impressive patterns are done in crochet motifs.  I would love to complete something as intricate and gorgeous as some of these patterns (okay, that last one is kind of tacky but you get what I mean).  Somehow, though, every time I try starting myself on a motif project, I get bored.  I tried starting on a granny square vest once and got through three squares before I gave up.  I started on a cotton motif blanket and got through three motifs before forgetting about it.  Later, when I tried to start it again, I’d forgotten what hook I’d used and thus ended up with four more motifs that were half an inch larger than the first three.

So I tried starting on this motif project, thinking I would be inspired by the lovely picture on the front cover of the book.  I love the way this pattern looks, and the motif pattern looks interesting enough to keep me engaged throughout the project.  Even better, there are only four motifs to complete (join as you go), and only one row of edging at the end.  I thought, “I’ve done four motifs before… this should be simple!”

Well that was two months ago.

I really don’t get what my problem is with motifs.  I have several patterns which I like a lot that I’ve made several times.  I have one favorite coaster pattern which I think I’ve done eight times in different colors.  I think, however, that I really like the feeling of being done once you get to the end of the pattern and cut the thread.  I get discouraged when I finish one motif and think, “Here is one out of five hundred more I have to do…”

Whenever I bring my crochet with me out in public people always say, “you must have a lot of patience to do that.”  I don’t know a thing about patience.  As crocheters go, I have no patience.

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