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Hi!  I’m Giraffe Guy!

Aren’t I cute?

Hi!  We should be friends!

Hi!  Hi!!

Do you like my catnip cologne?

Hehe!  That tickles!

Hehe… ow!

Wait!  Hey!!



What do you do with a random little bit of bright yellow yarn?  Make a giraffe, of course!

I had a little bit of  yellow sugar n’ cream left over from making a Little Starbursts Dishcloth and I thought it would make a cute cat toy.  As part of my planning process, I made a list of what I think are the hallmarks of a good cat toy:

-Makes noise (An empty travel size shampoo bottle with some beans in it)

-Has floppy parts (I noticed that crochet doesn’t do this very well)

-Easy to pick up, carry around, and throw around

-Lots of places for teeth and claws to chew on

-Preferably all in one (oops five) piece(s), with no parts that might fall off (My cat has a tendency to mercilessly pull the eyes off of every handmade toy I give her!)

-Not made of wool (Cats tend to try to eat wool things)

But even with the best intentions of design, Giraffe Guy doesn’t seem to be that big of a hit.

Oh well.

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